The Mexican American Addiction Program (MAAP) is one of the largest multi-ethnic 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Sacramento County, provides culturally and linguistically appropriate social and behavioral health services to the very diverse high risk ethnic community residing in South and North Sacramento, and Galt. MAAP was established in 1975 as a health and social service organization to meet the needs of the large underserved population of Sacramento.

Every year MAAP renders care to thousands of high risk clients. The organization offers a comprehensive range of services that include: Mi Casa Residential Treatment, Mental Health Services, Out-Patient Drug Diversion Programs, Out-Patient Alcohol and Drug Program, Youth Services for high risk adolescents, Peer Mentoring for clients with Developmental Disabilities, and Drinking Driver Programs for First and Multiple Offenders.

MAAP is fortunate to have a multicultural staff representing many ethnicities to address the needs of our North and South Sacramento communities which are some of the most impoverished areas in the State.