1. “I really enjoyed being in the Program!  It helped me realize to stay away from drugs!”

 2.       “MAAP gave me a second chance and therefore I would recommend anyone to this facility”. Thank you all for your encouragement and direction.”

 3.       “Everyone here was and is great, really helpful especially if you’re motivated.  Everyone is so helpful and understanding and speak from experience.”

 4.       “I enjoyed the program.  I learned a lot.  The staff was great.”

 5.       “At first I hated it but after working with the counselor, I got over that real quick.  Everyone was helpful in getting me thru this.”

 6.       “Miracles have truly happened for me and its all due to Mi Casa staff, and from the bottom of my heart I am truly grateful.”

 7.       “MAAP was a big help.  I enjoyed my time. MAAP helped me get in good with my family and friends and I just want to give all you guys from MAAP a big thank you.”

8.       “While attending my PC1000 class here at MAAP I had the delight of being taught by three wonderful counselors. They all helped change my outlook on sobriety for the better.  I feel I will remain sober as a result of treatment received over the last year here at MAAP.”

 9.       “MAAP helped mend family and close friend relationships.”

 10.   “My experience has been very positive, handled by very professional people with my best interest at heart.  It and they were the reasons for my success.”

 11.   “I have benefited by great change in life by coming here.  It has changed my whole life.  It has changed me to a person that my family always wanted me to be.”

 12.   “MAAP helped me a lot on how to keep myself away from my bad habits and taught me how to make better choices.”

 13.   Here at MAAP, I developed multiple skills needed to not only live but live and enjoy my life safely and clean.  Everybody really cared and took the time out of their day for me to get better.  They gave me a place to talk and feel better.”

 14.   “Thank you for all your support.  Thank you for giving me a safe place that I looked forward to coming to.”

 15.   “Good, friendly staff, very helpful to stay clean with classes and weekly meetings.  I would recommend to others that need a program to stay clean.”

 16.   “This program was a lot better than I thought it would be.  The staff is very kind and helpful.  They have been in or close to our situations.  So when they speak, you can truly understand that they do care and they’re not just preaching to you.”

  17.   “I sincerely would like to thank all of the staff at MI Casa as a whole; there are no words to express the dedication they show consistently. I truly thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

 18.   “This is my 3rd —18 month program in my life and MAAP by far was the best one I attended.”

 19.   “Being here has really (mainly) helped me to open up and share my personal thoughts and feelings that I normally tend to keep to myself. Seeing the positive feedback that I have received from my peers in this class has motivated me to try harder with expressing myself in my personal life.”

 20.   “I hated it at the beginning. Half-way point started getting better. Realized the classes were very important. Glad to be here. Think how not to drink and drive. Love all of the teachers who help me and everyone else.”

 21.   DUI:  “I feel this has been a good experience for me, but fun at the same time. All the instructors have been great.”

 22.   DUI: “I now understand that it’s a privilege to have a license. No longer take things for granted due to some experiences and learning here at MAAP.”

 23.   “Mi Casa and the staff here saved my life. Mi Casa provided the opportunity and the environment for change.”

 24.   “I’ve been learned a lot from hearing all the experiences of the people here. It gave me hope to hear that people have gone through struggles and most are working on their addictions, and working on the everyday par rolls of life.”

 25.   DUI: “The group program and education classes are well done and very informative. Good counselor.”

 26.   “Gives me a positive outlook. Makes me feel responsible. Makes me accountable.”

 27.   “I think that the classes are really enlightening. I love the fact that the counselor I had listens and treats me like I’m human.”

 28.   “Has been powerful! Changed me in a way I like.”

 29.   “Counselors keep a positive outlook on each one as an individual which brings us together as a whole. They let us know that we are of worth and can achieve anything in life once we put our mind to it.”

 30.   “I  feel that the program has made a positive impact on my life with the consistency and support, personal support from staff and resources that have been made available to me.”

 31.   “I have received great knowledge to utilize lifestyle tools that will continue to help my growth. The facilitator is an awesome case manager/counselor.”