Mi Casa- Residential

Mi Casa is a Social Model based treatment center set in a residential setting. The Social model emphasizes the process of learning through doing and experiencing and providing positive role models. Social model programs are effective because of their ability to build strong and lasting social support systems. Although the Social Model is the foundational component of our treatment at Mi Casa, the program also incorporates Choice Theory and gender specific based treatment methods.

The average length of treatment is 60-90 days. The program consists of weekly class room learning, one-on-one counseling, group counseling, daily 12 step meetings, life skills training and some recreational activities such as gardening, volleyball, basketball etc. Clients must have a sponsor in the first 30 days. Mi Casa is an all male facility. Mental Health services are also provided in English and Spanish.

Aftercare is available for successful graduates of the program. Aftercare consists of a weekly facilitated group where alumni come together and discuss their recovery. This service is available for up to one year from the alumni’s graduation date. Individual sessions are available as needed.